KBL Advisory Services

Our range of advisory services can help you to realise your business potential.

Insolvency avoidance

Whether you think your company is in good shape or the prospect of insolvency is increasing, there are several ways we can work with you to protect value and reduce risk.

Debt advisory

Supporting you through a range of solutions from refinancing existing debt and exploring different funding options.

Accelerated merger and acquisitions

This involves the sale of a business in a short amount of time, a good option to maximise value for stakeholders when a business is experience profitability pressure or cashflow constraints.

Cash flow management

Spot trends, mitigate risk and plan for your business future effectively with our input on cashflow management.

Formal insolvency

Advising on formal insolvency – we map out your options and inform you on what needs to be done and in what order. Giving you direction in what can be a distressing and confusing time.

Corporate simplification services

Often used for its tax benefits, an efficient way to dissolve companies that no longer serve an economic purpose whilst maximising value for shareholders.

KBL Advisory © copyright 2023. Site by fraxer

KBL Advisory © copyright 2023. Site by fraxer